Articles on the Local Economy

2013 9-17 Mobile Economy Shrank in 2012
2013 7-17 New Shopping Mall with Costco
2013 6-18 Hangout Impact Study

2013 6-00 Internet Sales Tax

2013 5-23 LPGA Beatriz's Ball

2013 2-20 Economist Chang pegs Triumph's impact at $10 million


2013 2-18 Carnival Triumph repair, overhaul bill could top $15 million


2012 10-04 Raising Mobile's sales tax will have a negative impact on retail sales

2012 10-31 Higher Sales Tax Rate

2012 5-16 Prichard's pension plan detailed in international academic journal


2011 9-13 Board votes to raise sales tax at Spanish Fort Town Center


2011 8-08 Sales tax hike could make mall customers among highest taxed in country

2011 7-30 Spanish Ft. Town Center
bullet 06/28/12 'No Ceiling' for Potential Economic Impacts of Airbus Plant
bullet 07/04/12 Expert: Airbus Jobs May not be Kept Local
bullet 06/28/12 Airbus Economic Game Changer for Mobile
bullet 05/18/12 Economist Says Alabama's Low Unemployment Rate Misleading
bullet 02/23/12 Gas Prices on the Rise
bullet 01/27/12 Professor Gives Insight on Local Unemployment Numbers
bullet 01/26/12 EC/BP/CCC- Author Courtesy. Email from Ms. Emma Penton
bullet 01/15/12 Euro Blues?
bullet 10/22/11 Cruise Ship Loss Impacts Mobile
bullet 09/23/11 Study Shows Mobile Poverty on the Rise
bullet 09/20/11 Mobilian Cutting Back on China Trade
bullet 09/15/11 Local Economist Raises Questions About Carnival's Departure
bullet 10/13/11 Study to look at Impact
bullet 10/2011 An Update on the Mobile Area Chamber's Efforts on the I-10 Bridge
bullet 09/21/11 Univeristy of South Alabama a Touchdown for Mobile
bullet 09/13/11 Town Center fees to rise
bullet 08/07/11 Experts differ on impact of sales tax increase
bullet 07/30/11 Lawsuit seeking levy hike at center
bullet 06/24/11 Mobile says new research supports homeport potential
bullet 03/08/11   Outlying counties see smaller population loss than expected


03/08/11 - Baldwin growth slowing? Experts divided

bullet 02/25/11 - Gas Spike Causing Other Items to Increase in Price
bullet 07/15/10 What Will Oil Recovery Look Like?
bullet 07/03/10 Spill batters tourism miles from beach


05/03/10 - Skinny: Economist supports 1 cent tax


The Business View April 2010 - TK's Workforce Grows by the Week

bullet 04/06/10 - Peyton Report: Who is Getting Mobile's Sales tax?
bullet 02/17/09 - What Does the Stimulus Plan Mean For You?
bullet 02/15/09 - Group pitches sports mecca
bullet 06/04/08 - If You Think Gas Prices are High Now
bullet 03/21/08 - Mobile Ready for Change
bullet 01/24/08 - $600 on the way?
bullet10/28/08 - Ranking: Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay can handle Recession
bulletFederal Reserve 2008 - Manufacturing revs up Mobile
bullet08/17/08 - Economist: Saltaire could have $1B impact on area
bullet06/02/08 - Donít overlook this other large project
bullet05/31/08 - Economist predicts boom from Spanish Fort project
bullet03/20/08 - Mobile's economy on upswing with major industrial scores
bullet12/03/07 - Football to have multimillion dollar impact
bullet10/01/07 - How to Play the Real Estate Bounce-Back
bullet08/14/07 - TK may increase revenue $3.7million
bullet08/14/07 - Vote on incentives planned for Oct. 9
bullet06/11/07 - Mobile County to pay for new economic study
bullet05/27/07 - Buy at the beach for cheap
bullet05/26/07 - Observers: Little change expected from minimum wage increase
bullet05/24/07 - Study figures steel mill's economic impact
bullet02/08/07 - ThyssenKrupp eyes state for giant plant
bullet01/28/07 - Racetrack plans take shape
bullet12/31/06 - Economy expected to build momentum
bullet09/27/06 - Bulls & Bears, Optimists & Pessimists, City Projections & County Projections
bullet09/12/06 - Dale Junior backs track
bullet09/06/06 - Oil find could boost Mobile maritime business
bullet08/28/06 - Baldwin is 38th in Nation
bullet08/27/06 - Good Samaritan or Price Gouger?
bullet08/23/06 - Ill Winds of '05 Blew Some Good To Mobile, Ala.
bullet04/24/06 - School Construction Pumps Millions into Local Economy
bullet04/05/06 - Alabama's Seafood Industry Continues to Suffer
bullet03/14/06 - Katrina's Windfalls
bullet02/26/06 - Figures show 'Katrina effect' receding
bullet02/14/06 - Katrina Costs Seafood Industry $112 Million
bullet01/11/06 - Mobile economy big winner after Katrina
bullet12/16/05 - Study: Fishing industry took $88M hit in Katrina
bullet12/01/05 - Local Economy to Exceed National Expectations in 2006
bullet11/13/05 - Boomtown:  Mobile Rakes it in After Katrina
bullet11/11/05 - Costs Hurt Road Work
bullet10/02/05 - West Mobile busier place since storm
bullet09/01/05 - Cuba: A Gold Mine for Alabama Exports?
bullet06/30/05 - Mobile loses in census update
bullet06/07/05 - Cuba summit set as benefits debated
bullet03/06/05 - America's Junior Miss
bullet12/18/04 - Ripples now, waves later from the Holiday
bullet12/12/04 - Cashing in on cruisegoers
bullet12/01/04 - Economic Expectations High for 2005
bullet11/10/04 - Chang says Mobile economy improving
bullet10/05/04 - Mobile prepares for the cruise crowds
bullet09/19/04 - Hurricanes' financial winners and losers
bullet02/01/04 - Local Economy Shows Signs of Recovery
bullet01/25/04 - Strong year ahead for Mobile economy
bullet11/26/03 - 'The money is starting to flow again' in time for holidays
bullet07/27/03 - Terminal proposal linked to Florida's need for gas
bullet06/19/03 - Mobile economy is looking better
bullet02/04/03 - Choctaw Point Terminal Project Impacts Mobile Economy
bullet01/28/03 - Expansion at Docks to be boon for city, says study
bullet01/02/03 - Economic Outlook:  Little Change Predicted for 2003
bullet12/08/02 - Alabamians tepid on economy
bullet10/28/02 - State of the U.S. & Local Economy
bullet08/24/02 - Riley challenges governor's record on adding jobs
bullet08/20/02 - Storm's grip on S. Dade still powerful
bullet06/09/02 - Explanation May Bring Support for RSA Project
bullet04/28/02 - A New Paradigm For Mobile's Future
bullet04/07/02 - Strong support likely a key factor
bullet04/03/02 - Hyundai could tap State Docks for exports
bullet03/29/02 - Alabama's Port City
bullet03/22/02 - Tug-of-war for Hyundai facility
bullet02/10/02 - Southeastern salaries
bullet01/02/02 - Mobile --  Back on its Feet by April 2002
bullet12/12/01 - Alabama makes its case for Hyundai plant
bullet11/11/01 - Recession? Been there, still doing that
bullet08/25/01 - Tax projections don't match up
bullet08/24/01 - Candidates clash on sales tax issue
bullet08/19/01 - Economic Climate
bullet07/25/01 - Rebate checks on the way
bullet07/12/01 - Tricentennial celebration should help tourism
bullet07/11/01 - The play's the thing
bullet06/17/01 - 'We've had a bad time'...but area's economic numbers holding steady    
bullet06/06/01 - Economic benefit at least $255 million
bullet06/03/01 - Skyscraper, hotel project
bullet06/01/01 - RSA plans skyscraper downtown
bullet04/12/01 - We Have to Raise More Money for Schools
bullet04/05/01 - Mobile's Economic Slump Deepens
bullet02/15/01 - Economist:  School cuts will be felt throughout Mobile
bullet02/04/01 - Economic stall started in summer
bullet12/10/00 - Semoon says...
bullet12/10/00 - Slumping tax revenues could spur recession

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